InterpretPlants, the concept, began as an outreach program for ArtPlantae, an educational resource for artists, naturalists, and educators exploring interests related to botany, botanical art, and environmental education. The experiences and activities developed for the InterpretPlants program were conducted at gardens, museums, and educational events. The implementation of this program generated many questions about how the public learns about plants in informal learning environments. 

InterpretPlants Studio investigates narratives and interactive experiences that support learning about plants in informal learning environments. It is focused on free-choice learning which is the learning that takes place outside of the classroom, anytime, anywhere, with learners of all ages.

Credit: Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education

Credit: Association for Environmental and Outdoor Education


Tania Marien

Tania Marien has 16 years experience encouraging an interest in plants through art, science, and interpretation at ArtPlantae. Prior to this she served as founding editor of two newsletters about botanical art and taught biology as adjunct faculty at two community colleges. Interests include the public's relationship with nature, plant blindness, free-choice learning, the contributions freelance informal educators make to lifelong learning, and the history of botany and botanical art.

Tania has a M.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies (Biology & Student Learning) and a professional certificate in Free-choice Learning.